TRE Cooking Concepts Catering

When chefs talk about catering, they’re usually referring to the food that will be served at your event. At TRE Cooking Concepts, the menu is certainly a star element. However, for Chef Tre Wilcox catering also means catering to your guests, good taste, personal style and event theme.

We see catering like we’re bringing a restaurant to your home. We won’t show up with boxes or containers of food to reheat. No. That’s not our style. We’re talking bags of fresh produce, fish, beef, chicken and more that will be prepared in your kitchen – in front of your guests or ahead of time.

No prefabricated menus, ever

It’s a sad, sad thing when you have to pick and choose your menu from a pre-made list. This is CATERING! Shouldn’t your menu be catered to YOU? Chef Tre’s catering experts work with you to develop the menu, fresh and from scratch, the way food should be.

Attentive, yet discreet, service

From life’s milestones like engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, “just cause” gatherings and more to charity galas, corporate receptions and the like, TRE Cooking Concepts orchestrates both buffet-style and seated service events.

Either way, service is critical. We bring our own service team because, well… we’re picky. Not only will they arrive early to set up like only professionals do, but they’ll also stay late to clean up, like nothing ever happened. Take that as you will. One client prefers to think of our catering as having a “one-night stand” celebrity chef experience.

For a party with 16 or fewer guests, we provide the china. Larger parties will use the hosts’ choice or our team can help you choose a rental provider. Linens, flatware and stemware will be decided during the planning stages.

Will Chef Tre really come to my house or event and cook for us?

Short answer: yes. But as you can imagine, like any celebrity chef, he’s a busy guy in between his TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts, TV appearances and the like. He has a lot “on his plate.” With enough advance notice and planning, Chef Tre can be there for a part of or the entire time.

Rest assured, the entire catering team is phenomenal and they bring the same skill and thrill to your event as you’d expect from TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts.