Learn from the best. Be your best. Tre Wilcox – former Executive Chef of Village Marquee Grill, Food Network’s Iron Chef America alum and two-time contestant on Bravo TV’s Top Chef brings everything he knows to the table.

With private cooking classes from Chef Tre, you’ll learn the basics or hone your skills the same way he did, watching and doing it yourself. From preparing ingredients for execution and learning what flavors complement each other to practicing proper cooking techniques, each class leaves you confident and ready to conquer your own kitchen. It’s an approach based on his TRE philosophy. Technique. Recipes. Execution.

Chef Services - Private Cooking Classes

This is Your Chance

Ask a celebrity chef anything you’ve always wanted to know about cooking – things you can’t learn from a cookbook or watching a cooking show.

Cooking classes are for those interested in mastering all of the great techniques taught by a Top Chef of Dallas and those who want to indulge in a fabulous 3-course meal.

Every skill level from the novice to the home professional feel right at home at Chef Tre’s private cooking classes. In fact, he can even come to your home kitchen for a private class.