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Your Host and Cheftainer, Tre Wilcox

Tre Wilcox has a laundry list of cooking accolades under his belt. His “school of hard knocks” culinary training makes his accomplishments all the more impressive. Chef Tre worked his way up the ranks through good old-fashioned hard work. He cleaned chicken in a fast food restaurant as a teenager and by the age of 29 he earned a 5-star review at Abacus, where he served as chef de cuisine.

And the Oscar of the Food World Goes to…

Twice nominated for the “Rising Star Chef “award by the James Beard Foundation, which is the “Oscars of the Food World”, Chef Tre was also named Best Chef by the Dallas Morning News. He kitchen success parlayed to the small screen, appearing on Bravo Television’s season 3 of Top Chef and Top Chef All-Stars. Along with his mentor Kent Rathbun, Chef Tre competed on the Food Network’s Iron Chef America, beating the team headed by Bobby Flay. Chef Tre has been featured in Gourmet, Modern Luxury and Food & Wine magazines, to name a few.

TRE is More Than a Name; It’s His Cooking Philosophy

Chef Tre wanted to expand on his other gift, sharing his passion for food through teaching. “When I’m giving a cooking demonstration or on a TV set, I want viewers to walk away with a ‘can do’ feeling in the kitchen.” He adds, “One of the biggest things I enjoy, and what I do myself, is teach what my name is use the three letters of my name as an acronym for good cooking, Techniques, Recipes and Execution.” From there TRE Cooking Concepts was born.