Think four well-stocked demonstration kitchens set up along a sidewall. Stainless steel carts brimming with fresh ingredients rolling across stained concrete floors. Now, imagine rustic 4’ x 8’ chef’s tables handmade from reclaimed railroad cars set up for group dining. Or tables for 10 arranged for larger groups. That’s just the beginning of how Tre Wilcox Cooking Concepts brilliantly combines a state-of-the-art commercial kitchen with the intimate touches of a home kitchen.

The 3,200 square foot space was specifically designed to allow guests to immerse themselves in the excitement of a network television food program studio kitchen, and also feel as at home as they are in their own kitchens. Purposefully, we avoid clutter and partner with Posh so that the space can be tailored to each and every event. Truly, the best of both worlds and a venue like no other for an experience like no other.

A Design Over 20 Years in the Making

The Venue - TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts

Corporate Events

Event Venue - Chef Tre Wilcox - TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts

With space for 40 guests, our open floor plan perfectly lends itself to your corporate and team building events.

Professional kitchen stations are stocked with everything teams could ever need to pull off their culinary masterpieces. Stainless steel appliances and state-of-the-art equipment mimics the kitchens found in network studios, only here your guests are the stars of the show.

Custom-built tables are arranged in three, one for each team. As your Iron Chef Battle, Market Basket Challenge or Family Dinner cooking event heats up, guests have plenty of room to chop, slice, dice and cook their ways to the end goal – a meal inspired our area’s freshest ingredients and their own imagination.

Chef Tre and his culinary team are right beside the teams, answering questions and advising on techniques. And don’t be surprised if one of them pauses the action for an impromptu cooking demonstration. It’s all part of the experience and fun…

Special Events

Event Venue - Chef Tre Wilcox - TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts

Our venue doesn’t follow traditional event space rules. It has style, but doesn’t have a “style.” It’s not best for one type of event or another. And it was designed to be this way.

TRE Cooking Concepts transforms to fit your special event from casual to formal occasions and from 12 to 150 guests. The setting is intimate or as spacious as you need it to be. The exposed kitchen offers everyone an up close view of action. Without fixed tables, furniture or equipment to work around, the seating can be arranged with several tables or a few communal ones – all decked out to match the event right down to the personalized menu cards.

The space is open to interpretation. Service is not. Chef Tre and his team of special event professionals leave no detail to chance. Décor. Ambiance. Lighting. Music. Dietary preferences and restrictions. Budget. They’re discussed way ahead of time so your event is exactly as you envisioned it would be.

Chef Tre is in the house. From directing the kitchen to a surprise cooking demonstration, you decide how much or how little he interacts with your guests.

Cooking Classes

Event Venue - Chef Tre Wilcox - TRE Wilcox Cooking Concepts

This is where boring cooking classes go to die. TRE Cooking Concepts raises the bar with a layout taken from the studios of the major food networks.

Each demonstration kitchen is stocked with every imaginable tool and piece of equipment you’ll need to learn and master Chef Tre’s cooking philosophy – Technique, Recipe and Execution. Yet kitchens are scaled to proportion so you’ll feel just as at ease here as you do at home.

Not only is there an exposed kitchen for participants to comfortably see from any seat in the house, but also class sizes are kept small. There is plenty of room and opportunity for you to practice what you’re learning. Big screen TVs provide a bird’s eye view of each technique included in your class’s menu. And of course, Chef Tre and his team are working alongside you to offer tips and pointers.

Take your seat at the end of the class and discover what passion tastes like. Enjoy the fruits of your labor along with your partner, group or new friends at locally crafted tables and your beverage of choice.