When the Occasion Calls for Bringing in the “Big Guns”

Any gathering, large or small, centers around the food. Now, imagine not only serving award-winning cuisine, but that a celebrity chef is standing in your kitchen or event space. Imagine your guests being entertained and learning first hand exactly what it takes to prepare and serve an inspired menu. You’ll lose count of the oohs, ahhs and laughs. And they’ll have you to thank for a terrific time and a renewed passion and understanding of cooking.

The menu has the power to make your event a truly remarkable one. And when the occasion calls for bringing in the big guns, Chef Tre is at your service. Point him in the direction of the stove, sit back and relax with your guests. He’ll take it from there.

To say Chef Tre brings out the love of cooking in all of us is an understatement. Bring all of the passion he’s known for to your event. Whether it’s an appearance or a full-blown cooking demonstration, Chef Tre heats things up.

Technique. Recipes. Execution. TRE isn’t only Chef Tre’s name; it’s his teaching philosophy. If there’s one thing Chef Tre is more passionate about than cooking, it’s teaching others to how to master it.