Chef Tre May Just Have You Talking With Your Mouth Full

Don’t worry. No one will judge, much less blame you, for taking with your mouth full during one of Chef Tre’s private dinners or cooking classes. Here are a few words from Chef Tre’s clients and guests.

Chef Tre Wilcox - Testimonials
We have had the pleasure of having Chef Tre and his staff in our home on multiple occasions. He thinks of everything that needs to be done for a perfect meal and a perfect evening. From planning the menu to a sparkling clean kitchen at the end of the night, Chef makes each event a magical night from beginning to end. Our guests always enjoy themselves when Chef Tre is in our kitchen. The question we hear over and over again after each gathering is “When is he coming back and are we invited?”
Renee S.
“We enjoyed the whole experience and have been sending foodie friends your way.“
“My daughter had the best time at your cooking session on Saturday. She told me it was the best present I’ve ever given her.”
“So many times, cooking classes just give you a taste of the food. We had a meal and a half!”
“My favorite part of the whole experience was getting to meet you and the one-on-one attention that you gave everyone.“
Oh my goodness Tre,

We cannot stop talking about the evening. We have some great pictures of you, the food, and all of us with you; happy to send them your way. I know you already know this, but you are so very talented and your food was absolutely superb. We are a group of people that LOVE experiencing excellent food and that night was top notch. Thank you for coming out so far. We hope to see you again in the near future if you would be so willing to do so. I look forward to being on your email list and hopefully coming out to experience your new venture. Congratulations on all your successes, they are most deserved. Again, many many thanks for an unforgettable evening.

Sarah S.